Remove Belly Premium Gel 250 gr. Ginger + Bamitol, Burns Fat, Reduces Sizes

Tierra Naturaleza


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  • Remove Belly Premium Gel 250 gr. Ginger + Bamitol, Burns Fat, Reduces Sizes

    The Belly Remover helps to lose weight because it is made by combining natural ingredients and has properties of ginger to stimulate circulation and limits the rippling effect produced by skin tension, naturally reduces sizes, tension marks and cellulite to get that flat stomach you've wanted so much.

    Gel Benefits:

    • Increases perspiration
    • Burn belly fat
    • Reduce measurements
    • Reduces sagging skin
    • Reduces the bulging belly
    • Reduce cellulite
    • It helps eliminate toxins
    • Excellent for postpartum and athletes

    Gel Quita Barriga is ideal for people looking to sweat off the accumulated pounds in the areas of the stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, legs and arms while doing their daily activities, it opens the pores, improves circulation and helps to produce more sweat.