Ahuehuete, Sabino Herb Tea 4 oz. 113gr. Montezuma Cypress Mexico

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Ahuehuete, Sabino Herb Tea 4 oz. 113gr. Montezuma Cypress Mexico

Originally from Mexico and Guatemala. Very long-lived tree. Highly esteemed by the ancient inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico, cultivated to adorn the royal gardens. National tree of Mexico.  There are only two species of junipers native to North America, but only the Moctezuma cypress lives in Mexican cities.

The ahuehuete tree is one of the longest-lived species in the world, whose years of life and imposing presence have attributed mystical and medicinal forces to it, which have passed from generation to generation. And it is not only very popular because of the energy that it has shown to have, but also because of the health benefits.