Back Pain Gel 125gr. Lumbar Pain Relief for Men and Women

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  • Back Pain Gel 125gr. Lumbar Pain Relief for Men and Women

    Relieve stiffness, inflammation and pain naturally with the pain relief gel that contains natural ingredients. Absorbs quickly for fast relief from back, neck and muscle pain. It can also be used to help reduce discoloration from bruising.

    For pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs.
    • Burning
    • Tingle
    • punches
    • Pain
    • Palpitation

    • eucalyptus leaf oil
    • arnica flower extract
    • Rosemary oil
    • glucosamine
    • Aloe vera
    • glucosamine
    • Nettle and King Garlic
    • other ingredients from the manufacturer.
    DOSE / APPLICATION:  Apply to clean skin and massage in a circle until absorbed. Bandage in case of blows or severe pain.