Damiana Herb Tea 4oz-113g. Leaf Turnera Diffusa Organic Leaf Dried Cut

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Damiana Herb Tea 4oz-113g. Leaf Turnera Diffusa Organic Leaf Dried Cut  Aphrodisiac Sexually Exciting

Also known as Hierba de la pastora, Hierba del venado, Oreganillo, Pastorcillo or Rompe Camina Macho, it is native to Mexico and Central America. This plant can measure from 15 centimeters to 2 meters high, it has very aromatic greenish-yellowish flowers.   This plant is used to improve the health of the body and for its aphrodisiac action to improve sexual activity.

Damiana tea benefits 

  • aphrodisiac action
  • Increases the number of sperm
  • Helps protect the nervous system
  • Helps regulate the menstrual period
  • Helps fight stress and depression
  • Helps prevent the development of kidney stones
  • Used as a natural laxative
  • Helps fight respiratory problems
  • Helps prevent urinary tract diseases
  • Helps fight headaches and migraines