Fenugreek Seeds Herb Tea 4 oz 113 gr. Organic Fenugreek Seeds

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Fenugreek Seeds Herb Tea 4 oz 113 gr. Organic Fenugreek Seeds Increases Buttocks and Breasts

It is an annual plant that measures between 20 and 40 centimeters in height, has compound leaves in segments, white flowers, its fruit is long and narrow with a yellow color, this fruit contains 10 to 20 seeds which are extracted and They are consumed for their high content of benefits that they bring to the body. Taking infusions of fenugreek seeds can provide iron and fiber in large amounts to the body. In addition, it contains large amounts of mucilage, saponins, flavonoids, oils, etc. All these compounds make fenugreek an ally to strengthen the digestive system, in addition to helping in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes. 

Benefits of fenugreek seeds

  • Helps increase muscle mass in the buttocks and breasts.
  • Helps regulate digestion.
  • It stimulates the appetite.
  • Helps strengthen the body.
  • Helps relieve gastritis and intestinal colic 
  • Helps fight and prevent anemia.
  • prevents constipation
  • Auxiliary in the treatment of diabetes
  • Relieves menstrual pain
  • Helps regulate cholesterol levels 
  • Promotes the production of breast milk
  • Relieves acne and hives
  • Fight sore throats