Horehound Manrrubio Herb Tea 4 oz-113gr. Horehound Plant Bitter Herb

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Horehound Manrrubio Herb Tea 4 oz-113gr. Horehound Plant Bitter Herb

Also called white horehound, it is a plant endemic to Europe, Asia and Africa, its cultivation has spread throughout almost all the temperate zones of the world, great properties are attributed to this plant such as: hypoglycemic, antipyretic, choleretic, appetizers, digestive, and emmenagogues.

Among the main functions of Horehound is the expectorant, this is thanks to its main assets such as marrubiin, which is responsible for the fluidification of mucous secretions and its expectorant action. In addition to this, tannins, choline, saponosides, phenolic acids, potassium salts and flavonoids such as apigenin, a natural anabolic, vitexin and luteolin that give it all the medicinal benefits. 

Properties of Horehound/Manrubio Tea:

  • Fights respiratory conditions.
  • Helps fight colds and flu. 
  • Natural diuretic. 
  • Helps control fever.
  • Regulates menstruation.
  • Fight diarrhea.