Horse Chestnut Combo Plant 4 oz. Drinkable 500ml. and 60 Horse Chestnut Capsules

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Horse Chestnut Combo Plant 4 oz. Drinkable 500ml. and 60 Capsules Horse Chestnut Supports Circulation

Horse chestnut  is a tree native to Asia, it is currently one of the most used medicinal plants for venous disorders , people who work long hours with poor nutrition seek to provide nutrients that cannot be consumed in sufficient quantities , such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, which are effective and specifically formulated to achieve good health and improve your quality of life in a natural way.


  • horse chestnut
  • witch hazel
  • Mikania
  • cancerine
  • brazilwood
  • ahuehuete
  • ginkgo
  • Gotukola
  • Chickweed