Jabon de Ruda Rue Soap Pack of 3 For Good Vibes, Attract Luck and Relaxing

Tierra Naturaleza


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3 Artisan Ruda Soaps + Free Sponge


Rue soap is a product associated with good fortune and the ability to ward off bad energies. Washing with this soap not only aromatizes and protects your skin, but it is also a great ally of good luck.

to moisturize the skin

Rue soap is a great ally to clean and moisturize the skin. It gives it freshness, softness and a delicious fragrance. Eliminating pimples, pimples and many skin problems.

To relax

The aroma of rue can help us relax, its use in a hot bath before bed can reduce anxiety and calm nerves.

for circulation

The use of rue soap favors blood circulation due to its vasodilator properties, it can reduce heaviness and swelling in the legs due to poor circulation.

for allergies

This soap has antihistamine properties, it can reduce or eliminate allergic skin reactions that cause burning, itching and tingling.