Lemon Balm Root Stages 1,2,3 and 4 + 1 Lb. Slimming Tea Slimming Treatment

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Lemon Balm Root 4 Stage + 1 Lb. Slimming Tea Natural Slimming Treatment

It helps the fat particles to come off, improving cardiovascular health and processing the excess until it is expelled. What will cause weight loss to a great extent, and will allow the person to perform physical activities to complete the process by toning the body. In this way it is possible to remove fat and hydrate the skin, it is also an aid in the fading of orange peel skin and stretch marks, it accelerates metabolism and improves circulation. 100% ORGANIC product is made from herbs and  Lemon Balm Root.

Thanks to its digestive properties, it is able to improve intestinal transit, reducing belly swelling. Additionally, it calms anxiety and prevents you from eating more than you should.

Lemon Balm Root  contains a number of compounds in concentration, responsible for accelerating the metabolism in the body,  causing a better digestive process that breaks down food and its nutrients faster.

Lemon Balm Root Benefits:

  • Prevents digestive problems and intestinal colic
  • Helps reduce fat deposits
  • Improves digestion problems
  • Great grease scrubber
  • Detoxify your organs
  • Improve your body odor
  • cleanse your liver