Lemon Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Lemongrass Tea Zacate Limon

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Lemon Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Lemongrass Tea Zacate Limon

It is also known as lemongrass or zacatillo, originally from India, it is a perennial plant that is harvested in warm areas of Mexico, it has long leaves and a citrus aroma, it is caffeine-free so it can be drunk during the day without adverse effects on sleep. It is used as an ingredient in various culinary recipes and as a medicinal plant for digestive problems, purifying, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Benefits of lemon tea

  • Helps control high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • Helps stimulate digestion.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Helps expel gases from the body.
  • Helps fight spasms or involuntary contractions.
  • Helps cure colds and coughs.
  • Helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Helps soothe stomach aches and headaches.
  • It is considered effective for disinfecting wounds.