Lime Flower Tila Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Linden Flower

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Lime Flower Tilo Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Linden Flower Stress Relief, Enhances Sleep

The linden is a tree that is cultivated in temperate climates of the country of Mexico, it grows wild, the leaves are heart-shaped and the flowers are yellowish grouped in clusters, from the linden tree you can take advantage of the leaves, the bark, but Relaxing, anxiolytic, vasodilator, diuretic and purifying properties are attributed to the flowers, among others. Linden flowers are not only used for infusions, but are also used as an ingredient in lotions and creams.

Benefits of Linden Flower

  • Helps fight the common cold
  • Helps relax the nervous system
  • avoid insomnia
  • Helps reduce fluid retention
  • Helps relax blood vessels
  • Helps control weight
  • Helps reduce itchy skin
  • Helps improve blood circulation
  • Helps control blood pressure