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Oak Bark 4 oz. 113 grams OakBark Oak Oak Bark Tea  Hemorrhoid Support

It has many health benefits and, both by taking it and by applying it externally to the skin and hair, it can prevent and solve various conditions and health problems.

Oak bark has a high content of tannins, essential oils, pectin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, sodium and zinc, which makes it a perfect remedy for digestive and respiratory treatments. how you can solve common health problems thanks to the  medicinal properties of oak bark.

Benefits of Oak Bark:

  • Treatment for intestinal inflammation
  • Helpful in curbing diarrhea
  • Helps improve digestion

External Benefits of Oak Bark:

  • Fights the inflammation of hemorrhoids:  its anti-inflammatory capacity makes it a perfect remedy to treat annoying hemorrhoids. Cook 3 tablespoons of bark per liter of water and perform sitz baths in the area for a few minutes. You will notice how they deflate in a short time.
  • Treatment for wounds:  it is a powerful natural and antibacterial disinfectant that will help you heal and heal your wounds. Apply 4 tablespoons per liter of water on a compress and put it carefully on the wound. With this you can also treat varicose veins, especially in cases where ulcers occur.