Palo Azul Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Kidneywood Detox Blue Stick

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Palo Azul Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Kidneywood Detox Blue Stick

It is the bark of a reduced tree, native to Mexico known as Eysenhardtia polystachya, it can be found in areas with warm and semi-warm climates, it is also known as Palo Dulce and Taray, its medical use has been known for centuries by indigenous peoples who used it to combat various infections, control diarrhea and reduce joint pain. 

Benefits of Palo Azul

  • They help fight infections in the urinary tract.
  • They help maintain cholesterol level.
  • Effective in treating kidney stones.
  • Helps relieve liver and kidney problems.
  • Helps control uric acid in the blood.
  • Excellent diuretic.
  • It helps you lose weight.
  • Helps control blood sugar levels
  • Helps prevent fluid retention.

How to take Palo Azul

We heat 1 liter of water, take a handful of Palo Azul and add it to the water, let it boil for 3 or 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for a few more minutes. Strain and drink as day water (cold or hot). It is recommended to drink 1 cup of tea for prevention and 2 cups for a medical condition.