Pelos de Elote Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Corn Silk Corn Beards

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Pelos de Elote Herb Tea 4 oz. 113 grams Corn Silk Elote Silk Urinary Tract Infections

These contain a large amount of tannins whose function is to facilitate the expulsion of kidney stones, prevent urinary tract infections, among many other benefits. The infusions of corn hairs provide large amounts of vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, sodium and flavenoids that slow down aging.

Benefits of the infusion of Corn Hairs

  • Helps fight urinary infections
  • Helps reduce arthritis pain
  • It has diuretic properties
  • Helps facilitate the expulsion of kidney stones
  • Helps regulate blood glucose levels
  • Helps stimulate digestion
  • Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Helps reduce fluid retention
  • It helps you lose weight
  • Helps fight headaches
  • Help with prostate diseases

Preparation of Elote Hair Tea

We heat 1 liter of water, take a handful of Corn Hairs and add to the water, let it boil for 3 or 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for a few more minutes. Strain and drink as day water (cold or hot). It is recommended to drink 1 cup of tea for prevention and 2 cups for a medical condition.